Editing models from 3D warehouse

Hi, when I download a model from the 3D warehouse, is it correct to edit this i.e. change the colour by right clicking on the model and selecting “edit compenent”?

In the image below you’ll see a door I downloaded from the 3D warehouse but it’s only allowing me to paint bucket certain areas and wont let me apply paint to the rest of the door. Why would this be?

It could have something to do with the way the materials are applied to the component and the way you are applying the new one(s). If the model was made correctly the materials will be applied to the faces not the component/group container. The component is probably nested meaning components or groups inside the door component. You can open them for editing by double clicking with the Select tool. Double click until you get to the faces. Then apply your material.

Materials on faces override materials on component/group containers.

Thank you Dave, it worked.
I have one more question about components - I downloaded this model of victorian tiles (see image) - now I remember I think with textures that I could scale it uniformally so all the little tiles remain small when I try and apply to the tiles to the floor. How would I convert this to a texture as it’s not giving me the option to edit texture?

Good deal on the door. As for the tiles, it depends on how the component is made. If the the tiles are already a texture within the component, you could just access the texture from the In Model materials and apply it to the floor you have drawn (Remember to fix the reversed faces first. That floor shows the blue back face.) Otherwise the easy thing would be to use Move/Copy to make an array of the tile component.

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Thank you Dave, very helpful. I’m rather going to look for a texture and edit that as this one isn’t a texture

I think I found the component in the Warehouse and you are correct. It’s just geometry pained black or white. (And the faces aren’t correctly oriented, either.)

This is an easy thing to make as a texture, though. I redrew the thing rather than cleaning up what I found in the Warehouse. On the left is the component I made for the tile and on the right, the material I made from it.

And applied to a larger face.

This is the image and you can use it if you wish. Draw a square 2-1/2 in. on a side. Use File>Import to import the image. Make sure you choose to use it as a texture. Apply the texture to the square you’ve drawn. Presto! You have a tile texture.


Wow Dave THANK YOU! This is amazing! Will use it right away. Thanks again

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