Warehouse Model Textures

I know how to change the textures on a warehouse model. I’m using the nice lift created by RG Gunther Lift model. I put in 8 (4 that only go to lower levels and 4 that only go to upper levels)

On this floor (skyscraper) I want to have a nice marble texture for a 5* Restaurant. I managed to change the texture of the walls (I left the original textures on the lift cab as they were). Was quite surprised when it changed all of the lifts.

So on a utility/maintenance floor, I don’t want to have a nice marble texture for the walls.

So how do I change the lift outer walls individually so I can have one set of walls be one texture and on another story/floor have another texture?

It sounds like you imported the lift model into your model, which will bring it in wrapped as a component. Then you placed several copies of this component. When done this way (which is the right way, BTW), the faces inside the component are each painted individually. So, if you change the material on one instance, it will affect all the other instances too. You have to make each distinct version unique before you change the materials.

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All 8 lifts were brought in from the Components (I didn’t “copy/paste” them in). So how do I make a “distinct” version? Rename the elevator.skp to something like marblelift.skp?

Right-click an instance and choose “make unique” from the popup menu.

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