Texture lost after importing 3D warehouse components

Hi all,

I wanted to use 2 components from 3D warehouse, I open one in a new canvas, and then import another (either thru Importing the download skp, or get from 3D warehouse online), either way, the 2nd component will lost all the texture (wood bookshelf became all yellow, or the glass door lost the transparent look, depending which one I was importing)

This seems to be particular about the glass door component, as I tried import a few bookshelves and they were fine together, none loses any texture.

Did I miss something?

The 2 components I was using

  • “Commercial Glass Door” by JSPro
  • “Bookshelf with books” by Brienna C


The “Commercial Glass Door” has no (as in zero) materials applied to it at all.
You see the model in 3D Warehouse in the style ‘Color by layer’ which means that the creator decided to assign different layers to different parts. That way he/she could make the component appear as having been painted. Not my favorite approach.

To see all this, go to:

  1. menu Window > Layers -----> you’ll see all the applied layers.
  2. in this ‘Layers’ window click the top right arrow (for ‘Details’) and select ‘Color by layer’

If you would import the component into an empty modeling space and then purge all non-used materials, layers, etc. (via Model Info > Statistics > Purge unused) you would see: Materials 0 at the bottom.

You can still use the geometry and easily paint/texture the doors as you like, with transparent glass texture.

Oh, one other thing. If you digg into the component, through nested components, to reach basic edges and faces, you’ll see that even these have layers other than Layer0 assigned to them. This is not done in SketchUp. It will cause visibility issues.
Best is to alter the component with paint/texture and have all basic geometry on Layer0.