Sketchup Imports - Textures and Objects

Hi, I’m having issues importing textures or anything from the 3D warehouse. Anything would be apreciated. I’ve attempted using my friends device and nothing is coming up.

What kind of issues?

When I attempt to go into the Sketchup warehouse and download an object and click on the screen nothing shows up, as well as this no textures such as wood or stone are working and instead its just a plain colour. I’m new to sketchup and I’m doing it for a senior subject. Thanks for the response.

From your description without seeing your model, it helps if you attach it or at least show screenshots, I’d guess you are working at a huge scale. Your model may be so big that the wood textures are so small they only appear as a colour, and things you try to import from the warehouse are so small you can’t see them on screen.

Thanks ill give it a try in a new world

It worked! Thank you.