[Vray] Sketchup not Responding (following recent install of V Ray)

I am having significant loading issues since a recent install of the V-Ray extension. It either will never load a file (or just the app itself) or takes 3-5 minutes. This is with no other apps of significance running in the background.

I have updated the graphic drivers and OS to most recent versions with no change.

System is Windows 10 Pro x64, 32GB Ram, Core i7, and GTX 550Ti card.

Any suggestions?

First try uninstalling vray and see if the behavior of Sketchup changes.

Which version of SketchUp are you using?

Pro 2016.

We are really wanting to utilize V ray. I will start there in the morning and see if that improves things.

That may be but if it prevents you from using SketchUp, it isn’t going to do you any good to have Vray installed, is it?

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This is a known issue as if you have V-ray installed, it converts all SketchUp materials into V-ray materials. The launch time depends on the amount of materials you have on the model.

ThomThom has made an extension called “V-ray Tools” which allows you to launch V-ray on demand.


Basically, you can have V-ray disabled (from extension list) whilst you are just working up your model, and launch it when you need it. Upon launching, it may take awhile as the materials need to covert at that point.

That said, if you are using V-ray all the time, then you have to go through the long wait for the file opening regardless.

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