Sketchup 2023 goes unresponsive after installing vray 6 update 1.1

Version 6 update 1.1 works fine on Sketchup 2022 but will not let 2023 open when installed. The program opens and loads all plugins then goes “not responding” and your have to force quit. If I uninstall vray it opens, loads plugins and works. I have tried to install several times on 3 computers all with the same results. 2022 works fine with version 6 update 1.1 but not 2023. I have uninstalled reinstalled multiple times on each all with the same results.

Please help!

Computer 1:
Windows 10
Threadripper 2950x
64GB Ram

Computer 2:
Window 11
Intel 13900k
64GB Ram

Computer 3
Window 11
Intel i7
32GB Ram
Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000

Have you contacted Customer Support at Chaos Group? Likely they are the ones that need to fix it since it’s their update that is causing the issue.

Please update your forum profile. It says you’re still using SketchUp 2018. It also indicates you are using Mac, not Windows.

Thanks, in contact with them and so far with testing have found that Laubwerk Play may be to blame but am doing more testing currently. Also, thank for the info on the profile being out of date, never once thought to update it and also was a good laugh thinking I worked on a Mac at one point in life.

UPDATE: I ended up reformatting the hard drive and installing Windows fresh. After that I installed Sketchup and V-Ray, then tested those. After, I installed kit 1, tested it and then installed the rest of the kits. When Installing the remaining kits I selected custom settings made sure only the plants were selected. I then tested each kit after install to be sure it was none of the models were causing the issue. After testing all 21 kits with no plugins installed and have had no issues. I have since reinstalled all plugins and everything is still working fine.

The only thing that happens from time to time is Sketchup will hang on startup when loading the plugins if I open the program by opening a model file. Now i ALWAYS open Sketchup then open the file through the program.

Current software:
Windows 11 Pro 23H2
Sketchup 2023 23.1.340 64-bit
V-Ray 6.10.03
Laubwerk Player v1.0.47 (System was rebuilt and all installed at .46 and upgraded to .47 but still works fine.)

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So, I am starting to get the error again when opening a empty scene. Sketchup is opening and loading but then goes unresponsive when I more the mouse about 50% of the time. I will be spending my holiday break learning 3dsmax. I find it crazy that not one person from SketchUp has reach out on this other than to tell me to update my profile and no response on my first support ticket ever. I know I am not the only one with the issue now and have been in constant contact with v-ray and Laubwerk the entire time.

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Just for your information,
It was @DaveR who told you to update your forum profile and he is not a SketchUp employee!
You are here on a user forum and except from a few SketchUp employees most of us are just SketchUp users who try to help other users in our spare time…
Keeping your forum profile up to date and correct helps us to help you better and faster.
If you want to complain about lack of support you should address that to SketchUp, not us…