Sketchup Stops Responding on Mac Studio

I just installed the latest VRay and now SketchUp fails to respond when I try to open a file, even a new one from templates.

What’s my best direction?

Apple M1 Max
32 GB

SU Pro 2022
VRay Premium

north. :upside_down_face:

Clowning aside,

  • did it work OK before installing Vray? if so, does it work ok if you uninstall vray?
    (if so, then it is vray’s fault)
  • can you confirm that you are using the last SU / Vray versions (I tend to postpone and forget updates when timing isn’t convenient)
  • fails to respond. you mean freeze? Instant freeze, or can you work a bit ? or does it wait for you to click on Vray to freeze?
  • have you had any bugsplat report? (it might help SU team to locate your case)

What version of V-Ray? What happens if you run SketchUp through Rosetta?