90mb Sketchup model wont open when vray is activated

hi guys, i desperately need help. my plate is due in days and i need to render my model, it is 90mb and when i try to open it with vray plugin on it wont open. please help, im using sketchup 2014

It might be that it’s simply taking a terribly long time to open; and you are assuming that it’s frozen. It’s a well-known fact that V-Ray hugely increases SU’s start-up time…add to that a 90 MB model…
I think Thomthom’s V-Ray tools allows you to load V-Ray after SU has actually opened…as does the Sketchucation Plugins manager. I can’t remember whether V2014 has the built-in Extensions manager or not.
Either way, I’d try using one or the other, I’d start SU, disable V-Ray, then close SU again and open your skp file…and then re-enable V-Ray.

Ok, Thanks for answering I’ll try that out. It opened yesterday with vray for 30 min startup, I guess I’m getting frustrated about it. I’ll get you updated about what will happen.

If you can use SketchUp 2015 or 2016, try the 64-bit editions, as they can use more memory.