Sketchup with V-RAY problems


Please Imagine the scenario:

There are Peter and Jane working at the Graphics studio, both have HP computer (CPU i7 / 16 gigabytes of RAM), Windows 10, and SketchUp 2015 with V-RAY. The V-RAY license at the server assigns the user who starts Sketchup earlier. SketchUp file (.skp) are also stored on the server, and the folder Z:\Work. The files are about 50 to 500 megabytes. In testing, I used 50 and 500 megabytes files, the difference was just in time before the file opens. Jane and Peter both can open 500 megabytes file (without the V-RAY), it takes about 55 seconds, I tested it several times and this time is the same.

1, wrong textures when SketchUp starts with V-RAY

When you open SketchUp with V-RAY:
Jane first opens the file 500 megabytes per 55 seconds (as fast as without V-RAY), but some textures are corrupted. Attached is seen that in the folder %username%\AppData\Local\Temp\ChaosGroupTextureCache\ is only a few files, and they are missing names and have only extension. When the .skp file uses as texture name.jpg 30x, 20x and 3x name.png name.bmp, there are only three left over files without names (.jpg, .png, .bmp). And some textures are changed, its shown in attachment Annex VRAY problem - PC-Jane (1min). When I close my Sketchup, the file is empty then, and nothing in it.
Error textures nice to see in the attachment “VRAY problem - differences in textures.png”

Please dont you know how to solve the problem with textures? For example, to erase any settings, reset something and so on.
I reinstalled V-RAY, I installed the new version (vray_adv_20026579_sketchup_2015_win_x64). Unfortunately it did not work.

2, slow open Sketchup with V-RAY

Without V-RAY it take 1 minute.
Peter opens the same file for 20 minutes! In the folder %USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\ChaosGroupTextureCache\ files is a lot, of course, have names. CPU has 8 cores and is busy at about 12%. It seems that the CPU is a narrow bottleneck and is used only one core.

Dont you know how to speed up boot Sketchup + V-RAY? Or how to turn the V-RAY multithreading on to engage in starting the whole CPU?

I myself left on for several hours and now I’m running out of ideas. The last thing i can do is reinstalling the computer, which is due to a variety of applications and settings laborious and lengthy option.
Thank you for your cooperation!


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Loading Vray at the startup of SketchUp can take a long time. I believe this is because it is converting/reading all the native SketchUp material into Vray materials. (thus, the time depends on the amount of materials you have in the model)

See ThomThom’s Vray Tools which is made to run Vray on demand.²

I have also have difficult time sorting out all the materials that has vray materiality work nicely when the file is on the server.
When Vray links its bitmaps (for diffuse map), it loads one in your temp folder. that’s why you see %username%\AppData\Local\Temp\ChaosGroupTextureCache
Unfortunately, I just learned to not bother with difference machines when I am assigning bumps and emissive bitmaps. There is one way which I found that works sometimes, but it was too complicated and sorting that out will be a lot more hassle.

In summary, incorrect texture actually isn’t Vray itself. uninstalling isn’t going to do you any good. Its the way it loads the bitmaps from windows temp folder.

I hope this helps.
You may find better answers in Vray forum as @DanRathbun suggested.