Bad general performance in large projects with vRay

The big problem in skp is the permormance, I started with skp and vray, but now with more experience and more needs I will start studyin blender… Is sad, I love Sketchup but can’t continue with my arvhviz large proyects…
Im using Super 2070, amd threadripper 1950x, and 32gb ram. I thought was enougth to skp and vray but I still have small performance problems or long waits daily.

Do you have the latest version of Vray… Vray Next Update Two?

Yes, the las version. But my problem is not vray… it runs well, program performance is the problem, for example shadows in sketchup make all tooo slowly in my scenes.

If you have issues with Sketchup and your system, provide details so we can offer solutions. Namely, update your graphic card drivers.
If you simply want to complain about how sketchup doesn’t work well with your system and Vray and you have decided to go and use Blender, then do so.

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It’s good practice to leave shadows off for your scenes since V-Ray will render shadows regardless of iff they’re showing in SketchUp or not. And if you’re using HDRI/Dome Light then you really don’t need shadows on as they’re being overridden as you know. *edit: you can also disable scene transition in ‘Model Info/Animation’ which for me, speeds up switching between scenes.

I typically set up a ‘render’ scene with everything on and a ‘working’ scene with just my relevant content showing which allows me to switch back and forth easily and quickly.

If you need more help optimizing either your models or your settings and as @box said, please post specific questions and we’ll do out best to help you. As you know, SketchUp+V-Ray are very different from a Blender workflow and there are of course advantages and disadvantages to each.