There is a big problem for me

Hi there,

While Outliner window open, if you try to get render with VRAY 3.6 ( I’ve the latest) , If skecth up try to save(Autosave), it takes very long time. I’ve contacted with Chaos group, they couldnt find a solution, and they told me that, they will contact with you.

Any help and thought about this issue???



Selam adaş :slight_smile: ,
I’m not sure why it happens but i can say for sure this is a SketchUp issue and not Vray. Because it happens with other plugins or ‘laggy operations’ as well when the outliner is open. And the issue is there at least for 4-5 years (probably more).

Thank you for the reply Adaş:slight_smile: Good to hear, its a common issue. Hope they will solve in the following updates :pray:

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