V-Ray adds 20MB to skp?!

Hello friends. I was working on a SketchUp file and noticed something. My project was actually quite small, almost 4MB. then I played with some V-Ray settings and I noticed my file size got bigger, almost 24MB.
Then I clicked on “Revert to Default Render Settings” in V-Ray Asset Editor and file size lose almost 20MB.
Is it something normal with V-Ray? did anyone experience this?

Could be heavy textures but I’m not very into V-Ray so I can’t say for sure.

Thanks for the reply, Julia.
I removed all geometries and materials, then purged the file too. there’s no material in V-Ray material editor and SketchUp material editor.
The odd thing is “Revert to Default Settings” only affect render settings and with hitting that button skp file loses almost 20MB.

maybe an HDRI for lighting that wouldn’t be in the materials list?

Thanks for the reply, Cotty.
HDRIs are external files, I don’t think they affect SketchUp’s file size. Anyhow, I used a VRaySky map for the lighting.
Also, there is no geometry in the Geometry tab of Vray Asset Editor too.

bedroom4112.zip (3.2 MB)

Here is the file if someone is interested.

  • Open Frame Buffer and clear LUT file;
  • Start Asset Editor and clear again LUT file (if it’s still there) and start to Render, and then Save the file.

The LUT file is most certain over 20 MB and is saved in *.vropt file and implicitly in the SKP file.


Nice Mihai!!! that was the problem! Thanks for solving this :hugs:

The LUT file (.cube) was 6.75MB. But maybe that’s because .cube file is compressed? :thinking:

Anyway, thank you again :raised_hands:

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