How to change/set default Vray Render Settings

I know this is more of a Vray question, but every time I load a new .SKP I’ve got to go in and update the render settings for Vray. I have a preset I can load, but is there a way to just always load my preset?

Not that we’re aware of. I also have default settings I use but it’s only takes a min to set them up manually everytime. Maybe we can both submit requests to Chaos Group if this idea of auto-loading presets isn’t already in their dev pipeline.


When you have your vray asset editor opened, you can save current settings at the bottom (little disk icon).
It’ll allow you to save it as a .vropt file.

you can replace the Su Default.vropt file that is in programs > chaos group > vray > vray for sketchup > extension (that would be the default path) but I suggest you create a backup of it first.

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