Problem in rendering

There is a problem in rendering V-Ray

  1. Problem in V-Ray : As my file is of 1.3-1.5 GB the rendered quality and image is not clear

My PC configuration :1. Windows 10 Pro

                                  2. Intel core i9

                                  3. 64 GB RAM

                                  4. 5 GB  graphics 

                                  5. 64 bit OS

hello, how come your file is 1.3 gb for such a scene ?
make sure you didn’t use too big textures / try to disactivate displacement as it is going to make the rendering way way longer. It looks like your image is still rendering as there is too much noise on it

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We need more information to know what might be the issue here. Please share your render output settings in the Asset Editor. Also make sure to disable ‘Interactive’ and ‘Progressive’ rendering. If it’s taking too long, do a test render at a lower quality and resolution. Once your test render looks perfect, you can then bump up your quality and dimensions (pixels) and do your final render.

Please suggest me one of the best rendering and animation software for sketch up models fro huge files.
I have practiced V-Ray,Lumion and Twinmotion software’s