Vray rendering material patterns

Hi, All

Has anyone experienced Vray rendering the patterns of materials rather than just the image of materials?

I had to do a complete ‘factory new’ reset of my machine, reinstall everything and now when I render a model from before the crash, the patterns are rendered…

I’m wondering if there’s some setting changed or if reinstalling the models from the cloud has caused an issue. It only seems to affect pure metallic surfaces. painted ones remain unaffected…

Can’t attach model as it’s over 16m…



Can you share a model where you have the problem?

it’s 46m.

Is there a way?

Wetransfer, dropbox, Google Drive…

Does this work?

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It just looks like the binding texture has been set in the diffuse slot , however it’s a procedural material- just grab that metal material from Chaos Cosmos and reapply it to the objects which have the faulty material- that’s gonna be the simplest way

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Done that.

I got carried away and replaced a bunch of other textures that didn’t load for me (and tweaked a few others) - they should be linked to cosmos now

I’ve attached the file incase you want it



I like the focus blur effect…

Tell me more…

Is that ‘depth of field’?

That’s the one - choose the depth of field option click the little target and and click the piece of geometry you want to focus on , crank the defocus up high to check you have your subject in focus - then adjust to taste.

I’ve also used the Bokeh setting to change the shape of the aperture to help simulate a real lens - I simulated a crappy one on purpose.

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Looks good! Work are going to be getting a surprise…ha

Also I’m liking the illumination…

So for that, I used the lightmix button to setup the exterior lighting - I think I’m using just the HDRI option here.

I’ve also turned on volumetric environment, which has fogged it out a little and soften the light further

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Yeah…I like that!

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