Vray rendering looks cloudy

Hello, I rendered my image using VRAY but it looks fake,cloudy and blurry when i zoomed in.
Does anyone know the problem and can help out?
Appreciate it.
Here I include my render image and settings

Untick Progressive and set Image Width/Height at 1920 px.

Hi @mihai.s,thank you for the suggestion.
I have tried it and since Im a beginner I cant really judge well but do you think it looks better than before or there are still some changes required that can make it look better?
Appreciate any feedback.Thank you

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It looks brighter.

It depends. If that’s oak wood then no, too bright. If it’s birch wood, I’d say that’s perfect.

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Thank you @kaidenh , its actually supposed to be this colour/texture,so I assumed it should be darker?
Is there any way to make it darker rather than fixing the lighting?

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I’m not sure as I’m not great at V-Ray. I’ll have a quick search.

Couldn’t find anything @shery07 but you should definitely check out V-Ray Essentials on learn.sketchup.com

What OS are you running? And your graphics card? It may be a graphic issue.

Right-click on Diffuse texture > Wrap In > Color Correction


Alright,will check it out.
My OS is Windows 10 and graphic card is NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti

Awesome,thank you @mihai.s :blush:

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