Vray always blurry

i am using vray and sketch up and it is producing very blurry images.

i have demonised on 0.001 3000pix resolution and high quality but still everything is pixilated and blurry and i don’t kno why to do as i am on a deadline

What does this blurry image look like?
What are your rendering settings?
What engine are you using - CPU, GPU, RTX?
Have you activated Progressive?
What size is the file? How many edges does it have?
Does this also happen to you if you open a new file and only create a box that you render?
Did you change the default rendering settings?
Have you tried resetting to factory settings?

so i have attached my render setting and the quality of the render that is produced it is very pixated compared with my origional textures and how it looks in SketchUp. The file is 53448kb

This is the image quality of what is produced

My guess is that as you are using Progressive, the render isn’t finished yet. As you have Denoiser turned on, you can turn down the quality you have maxed without any vidible degradation but a faster render.

I wouldn’t describe that as pixellated, there is a lot of jpeg compression though and you haven’t shared the full resolution image.
Are you trying to zoom in on it?

Try setting your resolution to 3820 x 2160
This is a 4K resolution , and is 4 times as many pixels as the image you shared.

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