Vray question on wood application in sketchup Pro

I gang, I have a quick question for the experts out there. I have attached a pic of a wood grain that I applied to a table in sketchup. I then moved the file to vray. In sketchup before I sent to vray I made sure all the grains ran the correct way as to how it would look in real life.

Once it is in vray should I create a bump map for this wood in photoshop and then select the entire table and apply the bump map to it to give more realism so I can then play with the reflections, glossiness etc etc? Or, do I create a bump map first and apply in sketchup then move to vray?

I hope this makes sense?

Thank you


You can’t apply a bump map to a texture in SU.

This looks like a very smooth finished texture, so a very fine bump in VRAY should work best.

Basically, I would forget about the SU materials tray, if you are using Vray the asset editor (almost) entirely replaces it. The only reason to use the materials tray is to set a physical size for your material or to gain access to a baked in texture on an imported asset.

Create and apply your materials entirely in Vray, the map applied to the Diffuse slot (or any map you have selected in the Binding rollout) will appear in the materials tray when you have applied it to an object in the scene (from Vray), you can then set the physical size in the materials tray.

I would apply the vray material directly to the geometry within your table group (or component), you then have access to the Sketchup Texture > Position context menu when you have an individual face selected, this will allow you to move the tiled texture around on the face to create the grain variations you will need on different faces of your table object to gain realism.

hope this helps


BTW Sketchup ONLY has a texture (diffuse) slot. thats it.

Thanks for the info! But, if I want to use the particular stain I have pictured should I create a bump map in photoshop, then create a generic material in vray attaching the stain sample I want?

I am just getting started with vray so very early on in the learning process that’s for sure!

Thanks again


Yes just create your greyscale hump in photoshop, or there are some freeware apps to creat normal maps from an RGB image.
Generic material in Vray and just drop your maps in the respective slots.