Bump slot in the Vray Material


I am running Vray on SketchUp 2014
When I create a material from the Vray material window I have various option. The two options I am interested in are Standard and Vray-material and I would like to use the Vray one as it is suggested in the Vray manual.
Tha problem is that I can’t find a way to add bump to the material in the Vray-material whether it is there in the standard one. Any suggestion?
I have added two screen shots with the choise of the material and the material editor
Thank you


Look down, in “maps”.


Thank you for your reply
The thing is that there is no bump slot in "maps"
Here’s the screenshot of the bottom of the material panel

I also found this page in the chaos group help,
where they explain the parameters of the vray-material. They mention at the top of the page that in this material you can add all the traditional maps including bump, but than bump is not mentioned anywhere else in the page leaving it unexplained.
I don’t really understand what’s going on, I would think this to be a crucial function, but it doesn’t appear on the material slot and I couldn’t find any discussion on the Internet on the subject. So, it almost seems it’s happening to me only :smile:


Ho right, you are using a “V-ray Material”. It’s a new thing in 2.0, I’m not sure why it was added. Maybe for compatibility with 3Dsmax.
Anyway, I never use that. I use “Standard” materials, which are the default ones when created in SU itself. I recommend you use that too.

This is what you were using : http://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAY2SKETCHUP/V-Ray+Material
This is what you should use : http://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAY2SKETCHUP/VRayMtl

It’s confusing, I know…


Ok, now I understandI was using the other one because it says it’s fasterAnd in the description you linked, it says at the beginning that you can add bump but than there is no slot.

I will use the standard

Thank you

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You can use the V-Ray Material as a layer in our Standard Material. It’s called VRayBRDF. When used in this way, you can utilize the additional map slots for bump and displacement, since it’s embedded in the Standard Material.


That’s a good idea, thank youDo you know if, in terms of performance, it is worth it to use the Vray-material or I can stick with the standard material?

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Afaik, the vraybrdf shouldn’t have any performance penalties.