Vray render gives something I didn't expect

Hello guys, I need a little bit of help.
I created some materials in Vray and look how it is when I hit render:

Please show another side of this plane. I think this is because on front side you have different mapping.

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You are right Sir. How can I remove from this side the texture? Or how can I add vray texture to an objects one side only?

I propose to use front side as main side. You can reverse them by clicking right mouse button (reverse faces).

To remove unwanted materials on faces You can add empty material (default tray/materials/on the right side rectangle with 2 triangles).

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thank you for the help.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

You are welcome!

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One more thing please.

I didn`t add any bump or displacement for this material in vray, I just pciked up the paint bucket and added the texture and then I “painted” my rectangles and still I see after rendering this, any opinion?

I suppose there is a bump. Please share screenshot from vray material editor.

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Always apply textures to the front faces in SketchUp. Another tip - never apply textures to groups or components. You must go inside the group, select the faces and apply the texture to the faces themselves, to avoid future malfunctions.


yes, they was a hiding bump, thank you :slight_smile:

One more question :slight_smile:

I have the same size rectangles down with that "brown"textures and the rest without texture, can I randomize somehow the textures for the rest of rectangles ?

You can make Vray material with “MultiSub Tex” as diffuse map.


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I don’t personally agree with this. Although it is a good idea, there are some exceptions.
Never is a strong word :grin:

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Hello guys, need little help again:

Well, yes, you’re right Joseph. :smiley:

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I have seen this before when a component is being rendered different to the viewport, but constant throughout.

I do not remember if I fixed it by just wiping the model, or regenerating the component itself.
Try exploding the one that isn’t showing correctly?

If that corrects the problem, try regenerating the component by deleting existing geometry and material inside the component and rebuilding.

If the face is not oriented properly, that can contribute to that sort of problems as well.

Above is all guess work as we don’t have hold of your model.

Can anybody help me with vray multi subtex? I don`t understand how it is working :confused:


All are the same, I have uploaded 6 different bitmap to multisub tex…

Few days ago I made a tutorial (in Polish language) about this. You should make all tiles in separate groups and then apply this material with multisubtex.

Maybe this tutorial in Polish will help you :slight_smile:

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