Vray - Bump Texture and Hole

Hi, I’ve a strange problem with V-Ray render with bump textures on a wall with a rectangular hole.
When I add a rectangle on the face, the plot points are no longer neatly arranged.
This “disorder” is also seen in the rendering.
I attach a couple of examples.

How could I solve this ?


Hi @maurorog ,

Why you make a hole there? Simply draw a rectangle and push the face backwards.
Avoid making holes to your geometry.

Can you tripleclick that wall face and share the screenshot please (or model .skp)?

Looks like the face on the wall has been moved when creating the black rectangle making the wall itself triangulated. I don’t think it is Vray issue, can you show us how your model is looking in SketchUp?

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I explain with an easy example …

On Top View, draw a rectangle

Pull up to make a solid

Go on Right View

Draw a rectangle on face

Create a Material called BumpMaterial

Import the .vismat material
Wall_04.zip (586.0 KB)

The Result with rectangle e without rectangle on the face

Excuse, but I am a new user and I can put only image on my thread.

I find this very strange !!!

I thought it was the problem of SketchUp geometry, but it seems that your geometry is correct (at least based on what I can see in your image)

I suspect the vismap itself for the cause. As I am unable to check on the Vray I have since it is a different version, but perhaps ask on Vray forum?


I personally don’t really use vismaps as they often have problems like this…I just generate the material myself.