Vray--Can anyone tell me how can I make this metal material?


It’s the inside, it’s a bit rough and with some shine. I am new to the materials and with vray 3.4, can you help me?


Have you figured it out yet? Best option is to try and find that material already made and import it as a .vismat. There are various free sources out there, like this one: https://vismats.com/materials.html

Or you can try using a default VRAY material and adding a bump map and some displacement to it. See below for quick test using VRAY default Silver Blurry material and applying seamless noise for bump map (found online):


No, I’ve been waiting for an answer, glad you showed up!

What is the version of your v-ray? (mine is v3.4) there are options in yours that I can not find in my …

so I added the bump with the image that you gave, in the “bump type” I left “bump” (forgetting to change) and during the render, it seemed to be good, but the render took a lot so I canceled the render at 94 % because my processor was 100% and took approx. 20mn to render this:

So I came back to see the tutorial and in your “displacemente” tab the “mode / map:” is
“Normal Displacemente”

so I changed my “bump type” to “normal map (tangent space)” to see if it improved in render time

and really improved, but it did not stay the way I wanted …

I also had to change the render settings for the quality to “Low”, usually I render in “Medium”

My CPU is: Intel Core i7 920 2.67GHz

6Gb of RAM (waiting for 16Gb)




Looks like you got it looking pretty good. I’m using v3.6 but as far as I know the Bump and Displacement settings should be close if not the same…Yeah I had the same problem with render time. Took several mins to do 'Low" quality draft. It’s all those little light bounces and reflections that the bump produces…essentially scattering light in all directions thus adding loads of time time. Not sure how to speed up render time here other than doing what you did and adjusting output size and quality. Will let you know if I think of anything.


Yup. There’s no getting around the fact that lots of light bouncing adds time. This texture is going to really make you work for it.


Thank’s a lot for your feedback, but I think I need to upgrade my CPU for good renders! because this is only a small part of the project!


For sure…I’m using iMac Pro 10 Core w/ 32 gb Ram and 64 GB graphics card…even then high quality renders take time. Check this out as it’s free right now for Beta Testers: https://www.chaosgroup.com/news/join-the-v-ray-cloud-beta-and-try-free-rendering


In the meantime…One way to speed up is to apply a reflection layer to a seamless metal texture, ie no bump or displacement. Quick test isn’t as good as what you showed before but I bet with the right texture and some tweaking you could make it work…all depends on what you need at the end of the day as higher quality always = more time.

  1. Instead of using bitmap you can use Vray’s procedural maps, for example “Noise”.
  2. Here are all textures explained https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYSKETCHUP/Textures
  3. Here is example of using noise map as local space bump

  4. Here is combination of two maps noise + edges with mix operator as bump

  5. Here is “edges” as bump and “Noise” as glossines

PS. Engine model from here https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/d41a7555bec7060881fb1c5f076aee21/Engine