Not seen this before

‘Building Embree dynamic geometry tree…’

Any idea what this is all about when I click a ‘live’ render?

I’ve not noticed it before and rendering is taking a lot longer than usual. Is there some setting I’ve used?



I think you see that used if you have fur or grass materials or maybe even other geometry effects such as displacement

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I haven’t used anything like that…

It’s a real issue. I have no idea what’s causing it but rendering is all but impossible now. A simple scene on a model under 20mb is taking all day.

I’ve copied the key stuff to a new file… it’s got rid of the new weird message but it is still taking an absolute age for stuff it used to fly through…

It’s been sat on pass 1 for nearly an hour now…

This is the new model
cfa rig 12.skp (10.9 MB)

You’ve got displacement enabled on wet concrete and material6

This won’t be helping render times - also this isn’t the correct way to perform displacement in the newer versions of V-Ray, that in itself might be causing render errors.

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I thought I’d turned them off… Thank you…!

What is the correct way to create a displacement? I’d seen that it says it won’t be a thing anymore, but I’ve not seen much saying how it will be done in future…

Is there a guide or anything?



V-Ray 6 vs. V-Ray 5? I’m still on 5 myself.

You create a displacement geometry object in v-ray - then you assign it to a group.
You can then configure the settings for it - it’s a very expensive method of producing a bumpy surface, so it is rarely used unless the silloutte looks too off.
The same process that you apply fur or grass