A issue with main sketchup screen?

Hi gang, I am working on a setup for Vray and I cant seem to get rid of these weird gray borders? :slight_smile: I have attached a screen shot. Its not a big deal but just a little weird? I tried exiting out and going back in and its still there?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you!


turn ‘Safe frame’ off under Render Output.

That did it!!! Thank you sooo much!!

The help here is AMAZING!!


You’re welcome. We SketuchUpers look out for each other :wink:

Hi Eric, thanks again and it seems you know vray :slight_smile: I have a quick question as I am soooo new to Vray and trying to learn it!

I have attached a image of a nightstand that I have rendered with wood grain in Sketchup. Its one of our own custom stains.

Can I change the glossiness and reflection of this in Vray? Not sure how to do this as I have no maps for it as its just a high quality jpeg of this wood stain I applied in sketchup.

I hope this makes sense as what I am trying to ask? LOL

Thanks again!


Sure…Upload the model here or upload to file share site and share link if over 5 mb. I could show you on generic model but always best to use your model if available.

Hi Eric, the file is to large, is there another way I can share it to you?


Dropbox, WeTrasnfer, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive…etc.

Thanks Eric, will do this when I get back, have to run a few errands. :slight_smile:


Hi Eric, do you have an email I can send the dropbox file to?

Thank you


Ok, so you need to do two things for the wood material. First is add a bump map to give your wood grain a bit of depth. Second is to add a reflection layer to the material. See screenshots/process below:

Here is closup of wood as it sands now with no bump or reflection:

Here is with a bump map added. It’s subtle (view full screen to see better) but that’s because there is no reflection so it’s just adding depth to the grain itself.

Here is the bump map that I made in Photoshop using your wood texture:

With the material selected as your current material, in VRAY asset editor you can turn on ‘bump map’ and select bitmap from hamburger menu and browse to above jpg.

Next, for reflections, you can just add a new ‘Reflections’ layer from the upper right hamburger with a plus sign icon. Feel free to play with settings yourself for the right level of reflectivity.

Lastly, see with and without reflections comparison. The final result will also vary based on your light source(s), adjacent geometry and colors and camera position.

Dresser component with maps/reflections: Component_20.skp (1.0 MB)

Eric, I cannot thank you enough!!! :slight_smile: I do have photoshop, but an old version and when I go to “filter” to create a bumpmap It seems I do not have a newer version of photoshop I might need correct? I guess I will have to upgrade to newer version of photoshop you think? :slight_smile:

Man, thanks agin for taking the time to help me! Trying to learn all this stuff via youtube videos the last year has been a little challenging!! LOL!!

I have attached a screen shot of my version of photoshop and when I click on filters to create a bumpmap for you to see what I am referring to. :slight_smile:


I just checked and I have photoshop elements 9. Pretty ■■■■ old I think!! LOL!


You can make a bump by just making it black and white, then bumping up the brightness and contrast a bit. No need for filters.

Edit - I hear you on learning through random YouTube videos. That’s why we’ve created SkechUp Campus: https://learn.sketchup.com/ - to help with full professional workflows. Hopefully we can get a VRAY/Rendering extension course in the pipeline soon. Until then, there are other sources beyond YouTube. Have you seen these yet: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/sketchup/tutorial-videos

Thanks Eric! I have sketchup school that helps as well. Just seems there are soooooo many ways of doing things? LOL I live in Calgary Alberta and my wife and I have been in the furniture business for about 20 years! We used to have 4 retail stores and my brother had the manufacturing factory on Vancouver Island. We also used to carry some Simply Amish product which we loved the quality and we designed our own lines through them. More on the transitional line.

We closed all our retail stores a few years ago as we just got tired of retail and also manufacturing.

My wife and I the head designers for Simply Amish, so we are developing new product all the time. I am learning these programs sketchup Vray so we can showcase and build our designs. I love it, just trying to learn it all! Well, will never learn it all thats for sure! :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all the help, as I know its time consuming on your end!

I have attached a pic of the stain changed to black and white. But, still a little unclear of what to do next? I guess apply this black and white as a texture then color it with the stain?

I am sorry for all the confusion and I totally understand if this is a violation of your time :slight_smile: if you want to just walk away thats cool!! Lol!!

Thanks Eric! I will keep trying!!

I dont know Photoshop Elements. There are other options out there…keep searching and you’ll find them. Like this: http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/

OOOMMMGGGEEE!! LOL I created a bump map from the link you sent me and tried the steps you gave me and I know I have missed something?? LOL I have attached a screen shot for you to get a good laugh at :slight_smile:

What did I do wrong as my stain color is sort of wrong! :):slight_smile:

Thanks Eric, I can feel i! I am getting closer!! LOL


Post a picture of your bump map. It’s obviously not purple. Hope you’re working in a copy of your original file so you can go back to that if needed.

Hope this helps?? Man, thanks again!!


Use specular instead of normal. Then yes, add it through bump. If too complicated don’t worry about it for now it’s not required. Pick up the basics first and come back to bump mapping layer.