White dots on the wood. Problem with render in V-ray

I have terrible white dots on the wood floor. I guess it’s from the ceiling light, but why it is not just shiny floor? The material/photo that I used has a very good quality.

My vray setting are:
Reflection - 0.8,
Glossiness Highlight - 0,9
Glossiness Reflect - 0.8
Bump - 1.0

I have tried different settings, but the white dots won’t dissapear. I don’t know what is the problem :confused:

Fix the kitchen tap and sink! It is flooding the whole floor!

I know nothing of Vray and what the numbers in their material attributes mean, but to me it looks that you have a disproportionate amount of bump in your material. Combined with a high glossiness/reflection it makes your floor look like a major flooding catastrophe. I would perhaps turn off the bump altogether, and turn also down the glossiness and reflection settings, if you are after a floor that doesn’t look like a mirror.

BTW, until I accidentally found the balloon image, I was perplexed by the toddler performing the you-know-what salute.


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Crank up the “Subdivs” value in the “Glossiness” section in the “Reflection” tab of your material.
8 is the default value. Try 16, then 32, then 64, etc until there is no noise anymore and the reflection is smooth.

Thanks for your help. I changed:
Reflection: 0.6
Glossiness Highlight: 0.65
Glossiness Reflect: 0.7
And then experimented a little with Subdivs - 64 was the best.

Check the results:

It’s so much better! Thanks!

AND toddler performing salute :smiley: My client will be delighted to know that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: