Strange Vray Material Reflections


Hey guys,

I’m pretty new to Sketchup and Vray. I’ve setup a scene and trying to render it but for some reason one of my materials appears to be emitting a colour.

The material is just a standard material with wood texture - to appear like an MDF board.

I can’t figure out why it’s colour is reflecting, or being absorbed by the white ceiling or white walls (highlighted below).

I’ve been playing around with settings on both wall/ceiling & the board itself but nothing is making a difference.

Appreciate any tips here please.



It is best to consult Vray stuff on Vray forum, but let me tell you what I think:

You have yellow-appearing MDF boards in the scene, and I believe this is reflecting off the color onto your ceilings and walls.

This is completely normal thing for your lights to do in real life. So, Vray is working hard to reflect the physical properties of light.

I suggest you can do “white balancing” in photoshop or any other image editing tools available for you. Making the scene “cool” will take the overall yellowness away.

Below is a one that I have done localized change. - in other word, photoshoped


As Joseph says, it does appear to be normal reflection off the OSB. You have those recessed lights immediately above the top shelf aimed straight down onto the shelf so it’s no surprise the yellow color is reflected off the white around it. You can find any number of examples of that around you if you pay attention.


Yep, @DaveR is right.

Human eye adjusts things for you, so you don’t notice it unless you are really paying attention. You know it is white, so you perceive it as white even though it is actually appearing as other colors due to objects around.
Though people notice those things a bit more on photos. - search word: “white balancing”


I don’t use Vray but your image makes me wonder if you have given your lights unrealistically high luminance values. In the renderers I use I get best results by setting the lights parameters to realistic values, and adjusting the “exposure” to set the overall lightness or darkness of the resulting image.




Thanks for all the comments.

They make sense and I’ll definitely play around with the lighting and also post editing of white balance.

Appreciate it.