VRAY - Material/Color Rendring

Hi Guys, can anyone help me about rendering? I have this Photo no.1 which I need to copy but what is appearing in my render is like bluish metal? see Photo no.2, why is that?

Photo no.1

Photo no.2

Reflection of blue sky maybe? That’s one guess. Is it lit by daylight or artificial light sources?

Here is the setting of my lights, as I am using VRAY asset editor:


I really dont know why there is a bluish color even though I disabled my cloud.

Looks like you’re getting blue reflected out of the clear sky.

Perhaps a dome light and no sunlight would work better.

Controlling lighting like putting it ‘indoors’ with a studio light setup may be best. A quick fix is just to adjust the color balance or saturation in the frame buffer’s edit layers

Before (reflecting sky):