Reflection issue

I did a render. I used white color material for wall and yellow color material for floor. I got floor’s yellow color reflection on wall. But my wall’s reflection and refraction values are 0.
Here I attached the render image.
How can I correct that?

Looks pretty realistic. That would happen in a real photograph, too. You could adjust the color of the light to reduce the yellow which would cool the walls but it would also affect the color of the floor.

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That’s what happens in a renderer. The light that strikes each object is a mix of direct from lights and reflected from other objects. Both can have a non-white color balance, and this will affect the apparent color of objects receiving the light. As @DaveR said, that’s what happens in the real world and in photographs too. It’s just that our visual system tries to correct for lighting, so aside from artists, most of us don’t notice.


Renderers have adjustments to regulate the amount of colour the light picks up from surfaces, either by adjusting the material or light properties.
The reflection and refraction values of your wall material only affect the light that bounces off the wall, not the light that the wall receives.
Your sunlight also might have a colour to it. Even if our eyes might tell us that the sun in the sky is yellow, the light coming from it is usually white except just at sunrise or sunset when it is affected most by the atmosphere.

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I’ll echo what the others are saying. You can try to mitigate this by doing some basic color corrections in the VFB. See before example where I’m getting yellow walls from the ‘light bounce’ coming off the floors.

See corrections. I brought the ‘highlight burn down’…which is a good idea to do regardless has it helps the image look less ‘blown out’. This may require bringing the exposure up some to compensate. Next I adjust the white balance a bit. Then, to go one step further, I removed some of the yellow from the ‘color balance’ slider. I can now see that there is in fact yellow floors and white walls.

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Thank you everyone… I got the point.