Vray opacity not working

I was using vray opacity slot at 0.98 on a curtain texture (imported), it was working well and then in the last renderings it just changed, not working, not leting the light in? I have not changed anything, the only logic for me is the overloaded sketchup file probably effecting it somehow but it doesn’t seem to be this problem! any idea?

By the way, when i use vray curtain, it works well and when i remove the curtain from the layer there is lots of light everything seems fine !

you should upload at least an image or the model

Where should i upload the image or the model and what kind of model do you mean, i did not upload any map previously i was just using the opacity slot and it worked good.

There is a curtain with a texture image and i’m using the vray opacity slot setting (not the map) to that curtain texture


the curtains not going transparent, using vray opacity setting

You need to set your curtain material to be a 2 sided material type rather than generic. Then your curtains will be awesome.

Everything else is looking pretty nice.

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