Need help with the model with Vray

interior scene.skp (2.3 MB)

I have made simple model. I have attached a reference image. When the reference image im making the model. I want the light should enter from the window and shadowa as seen in the reference image. One more think i have added the background image i want that image should be seen from the window. what should i do to achieve that effect

i made the glass transparent but yet to fail to achieve that effect. Need help

Maybe you should ask on the Vray forum.

good idea. is there any vray forum also. Sorry i dont know if there is i would jump there and ask. thanks for the reminder daveR. But in sketchup forum there are many people and experts like u view daily. And give good solution.

Dave already have kindly included a link in his response, I think you missed it.

That is absolutely true. But as this question is more about Vray than SketchUp itself. You will get better help there. :smiley:

Anyways, I did testing of yours.

You had your “windows wallpaper” which was preventing the sunlight to enter.

SketchUp understands “Cast Shadows” being checked off, whilst V-ray doesn’t

I would advise removing that plane for this effect.

thanks for the suggestion