[Vray] Cant render my building - the interior keeps showing up black



the interior is dark and the outside i am not to sure its correct could someone help


What program are you using to render your model?


Upload the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.


thanks for the fast reply its vray i decided to start again from where i didnt put any lights or interiors in


na it says its too large


Put it in the 3D Warehouse and give us the link.


sorry how do you do that i am new to sketch up


could i send it to you via email


If you are trying to render with the global light (the “sun”) then your interior will be all black. You likely need to add light sources, or remove a portion of your building so that the interior is affected by the light.


okay i will try


Yes you right but now how can i seal that up and still have lights in side


plus is there a way i can give my work a smooth gloss finish


yeah it worked now how can i get lights into the building pleas a simple and efficient way as i am a learner


I don’t know. I don’t use V-Ray… That probably something that you will want to reach out to Chaos Group for…


okay where can i get them


I would suggest checking out their forum or contacting whoever it was that you purchased V-ray from.


hey do you have an easier way to put lights in interioriors using vray


No. I use Kerkythea. It’s very easy to add interior lights it in. I don’t use Vray.


I’m new to V-Ray and there is no apparent ‘easy’ way to add lighting. Trawl through youtube for tutorials as I have done. V-Ray is a complex bit of software but if you put in the time to learn it, it is very rewarding.

I got my licence last Thursday and doing ok so far.


Okay thank you