Vray interior lighting

Hey guys!

So I’ve been using vray for a while
Now and the only thing that’s giving me a realllllllly hard time is interior lighting!!

I’m trying to get rid of walls so that I get more lighting inside, I’m using a dome with hdri and it’s still not bright enough. I even tried to put the dome inside!

If i close all my walls with some windows its so dark inside!

I try changing the exposure but then it’s too bright and I get highlight burn

I tried putting a rectangle light in the window but that just looks less realistic and causes highlight burn as well…

I’m out of options and ideas and I just want to learn the best technique once and for all to get the best lighting!

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Thanks but Ive watched these and I STILL can’t make it work lol

Looks pretty good so far. Remember that you can adjust highlight burn down (which I almost always do)…as well as adjust other settings like Levels or Curves. See difference here:



If it’s still really dark, it may be your camera settings. If it’s set to something like 100 iso, that’s meant for outdoor bright sunlight. Try bumping up to say 400 or 800. Higher iso means more ‘noise’ but that should be resolved with Denoiser. Good luck.

Edit: if the issue is trying to see both inside and out at the same time, that’s likely not going to work as professional photos are often re-touched and/or use HDR settings to capture multiple exposures. Rendering two passes, one over and one under exposed and blending in Photoshop or sim may provide a better result in the end. Depends on where you want to put your time in…front end or back end.


Thank you for all your tips!

I tried playing with ISO and Exposure and I still can’t seem to get enough light in my interior scene!

I added my settings and my new file im working with now.

Thank you for all your help! :slight_smile:

With default settings for Render and for 2 Rectangle Lights and 1 Dome Light

With the following settings


dome light

rectangle light


It’s a miracle!! I GOT LIGHT!! lol

Thank you soooo much! So the trick is here if I want it brighter or less bright I would play with the rectangle lights right? I never really used rectangle lights didnt think I would need them but I get its cruicial for light right?

For indoor lights Ill put pendant lights and I should make them mesh right?



sill too dark!! lol

Use Rectangle Light, you’ll have control with aditional light over the light coming from outside.
For ‘pendant lights’, it depends on their type, but you can use Spot Light, Sphere Light, IES Light,emissive material, etc.

Start by Revert to Default Render Settings and add lights and change settings after. And check that the Rectangle Lights are correctly oriented (arrow to interior).

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My final product :blush::+1:


Very nice!

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