Is that possible to render an interior and exterior scene at a same time?

Hi everyone,
I am just a beginner for vray sketchup. I have to make an interior and exterior scene. I did my exterior scene with little realistic. But I am facing exposure issue when I create a interior scene. Because I have to show the interior and exterior scene at a same time. here I attached my render images and the source file. I want the same exterior background in that interior scene.
please someone help me to get a better scene.

Thank you.!

exterior scene:

Source file link :

How to light an interior day scene

Add a Dome Light and at windows add Rectangle Lights, reduce Intensity Multiplier for Sunlight

wow… thank you so much. I’m struggling with this for past 3 days. now I got a knowledge about the lighting.
But I didn’t get the light setting like yours. Can you please tell me the sun, dome light and exposure values? and which shadow I want to use? dome light shadow or sun’s??

GPU render, Sunlight 0.8, Dome Light 10, Rectangle Light 200, Camera > Exposure Value 13.6, but these settings may vary. Watch the tutorials and learn.

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thank you so much…
its mean a lot to me.