Vray Only Render in Interactive Rendering

Hi, I was rendering just fine until I moved onto next scene - while it was initially going fine when I tested the sunray with material override on, but when I switched to the actual rendering, there’s no more light coming into the scene (render output 3860x2260, medium+). It was completely dark. No matter what I do with the interior lighting settings, it just didn’t do anything. No light from physical sun/dome light and the lamps. When rendering using interactive rendering in lower resolution output, all seemed to be working just fine (not when I tried high-res interactive rendering, it won’t do).

I tried different scene and they were completely fine. Only this particular scene that just won’t work. It seems that all sections in this particular direction won’t let Vray render, meanwhile all the other sections from 3 different directions work just fine. Anyone might know what to do in this situation, any advise to resolve this issue? Thank you.

Can you share your file? Post to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc if too big to share here. Hard to tell what the issue might be without actually looking at the model and V-Ray settings.