Interactive rendering tool in V-Ray for SketchUp not working

I am trying to learn how to use the interactive rendering tool in V-Ray for SketchUp. I click on the interactive rendering button and move things around in the SketchUp model/change materials, but the rendering in the interactive rendering window does not change. It will only show me one view. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or if I am missing a critical component? Thanks!

I understand interactive mode rendering only applies to lighting, materials an dother changes you do in V-Ray Asset editor. It is not a full realtime rendering mode.

Yes, I believe that is correct. I’m not moving actual objects in SketchUp, I’m just orbiting around the model but the v-ray interactive window is not reflecting any of that.

I’ve noticed for my V-Ray that when I click interactive in the toolbar, and then stop it and try to start it again from the Frame Buffer, it defaults to the static render icon. Do you see the teapot with hand icon? Are you initiating interactive from the toolbar or the Frame Buffer?

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