Vray Render restarting if the model moves or scene changes


I’ve been having an issue for a while where if I’m rendering with vray sometimes the render will suddenly start to pixilate and almost ‘reverse’ backwards and restart. I think it could be related to even the slightest click of the model or even if a change scene briefly. It’s very strange, has anyone else had this or know of what could be wrong?

That’s a feature… you’re using interactive rendering and it’s supposed to do that. (Starting the render with the button with teapot and hand)
If you use non-interactive rendering, (just the teapot), it will not do this.

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Hi, thanks for your reply!

its not interactive render which is why its a very strange thing that’s happening! and it doesn’t start to render the a different scene it just restarts the same one!

do you have the newest Vray version, I think there was a bug related to this (don’t have a link at hand) in older versions?

Hi, no unfortunately i don’t at the moment, so that is a possibility!

Not the solution, but you’re not alone…