Vray not rendering

I have two models that I’m trying to render but have blue masking on one and only a partial image on the other. Can anyone help?

I’m getting the following message on the blue masked one: Warning : A potential message flooding was detected. The logging will be halted for a short period

Did you create the model correctly or are some elements not grouped and are loose geometry?

So I’m still learning on this. My objects all seem to be created as components that I have imported. But is there a way that I can check what would be loose geometry? Is there a best practice for grouping things when creating a model? e.g which items should be grouped etc.

Can you share your model? If it’s too large in file size, then upload it somewhere like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and share the link here.

I saw that some faces were the wrong way to have changed those. Still seems to be an issue with lighting too. Any help much appreciated!

The v-ray IES light object is inside the geometry for the light fitting - so no light comes out.

move them down a cm or so and they will work

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Thank you, that solves the lighting issue, there’s still some blue/grey objects showing though, any ideas why they are there? Thank you

Loose geometry… almost all your model

Everything. Group each constructive element separately, just like in reality.

Basics of SketchUp at learns.sketchup.com

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