Vray lights won’t go through glass material

hi! i’m using vray lights and when i try to render it, the lights don’t show up. and the lights are inside a glass case, when i hide my glass case, i can totally see my lights, but when i unhide my glass, it won’t render the lights. pls help, thankyou

How did you create that glass case? How did you apply the material on it? In SketchUp, do you see the objects behind it?

If I create the glass from a box and apply the material only on the outer faces (not on the backfaces), then the light is not seen through it.

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thanks for replying! well the problem is, i can see all of the objects behind the glass, only the lights don’t go through. and i group all of it, and then apply the glass material. on the first pic you can see that the objects are visible, while the lights don’t, and then the second pic is when i hide my glass, to see if my lights really works.

Is there something in your glass group that can block the lights?

What kind of material do you use for the glass?

I tested with an IES light and a glass material from the V-ray gallery and there are no problems

I placed a V-ray sphere light inside a cube made of single faces with no thickness. I got the same result whether I painted the cube group or the outside faces or all sides of the faces with V-ray glass (Glass Window neutral)