Vray IES lights help?

Hello guys,

I’m quite new to rendering and I’m working on this project where I need to use the real-life IES profiles. The thing is… I keep getting weird looking image no matter what I do. First of all - Vray does not recognize the dimensions of the lights imported through IES profiles and secondly, I cannot make the multiple lights visible in the current setup (I did make it work in the test environment).

Here a link to the model and IES profiles: Store.zip (852.2 KB)

This is what the model looks like when I render it. As you can see - you really cannot see any of the lights actually working. It just looks… Plain.


Thanks much!

If you turn off ‘Global Illumination’, you’ll se the IES lights are working

Turn back on 'Global Illumination, reduce ‘Intensity Multiplier’ of the SunLight and increases the ‘Intensity(lm)’ of IES Lights

It is also useful to correctly arrange your model, grouping the elements and assigning them layers/tags, and correctly oriented faces (with white outwards)

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This did help a lot. Seems like the IES lights were quite dim.
Any idea as to why I’m not getting the actual dimensions and shape of the lights? I’ve checked the IES file with another program and the data is there. It’s just that the vray is not reading it for some reason.