IES lights not showing up

I am trting to add IES lights in vryaand it doesnt show up
I tried all the methods I could find online which included

  1. changing intensity
  2. changing the F number
  3. set teh settings to night time
    and another 25 methods which is too llong to explain here
    the ies is on the exterior

Do you have the files? IES lights are separate files containing information about different light-styles. To get it show in the renders you have to choose a file from the IES menu. Which version of V-Ray is it?

it is vray for sketchup pro 14. I use the default IES lights and it used to work before.

also I uploaded ied. 5 before but didnt show

You should probably ask your question on the Vray forum.

If it worked correctly before and doesn’t function now, there might be a change in the settings somewhere in the menus. I’d suggest to revert all V-Ray settings back to default and see if it fixes it. You might’ve accidentally clicked an option to show only environmental lighting or something similar.
Also, try again with a new SketchUp file. Sometimes the old V-Ray would mess up the SketchUp models.

Also, if camera values have changed, the intensity/multiplier should be changed accordingly.

The intensity value differs depending on the IES file you use, and the camera exposure settings, but I have actually used something like 10000 or more in the intensity before…

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