Vray Lights doesn't show up in viewport

Vray Lights doesn’t show up in viewport. The lights are creating hidden, so if I turn on the display of hidden objects, then I can select, copy and move it,but i dont want tem to be hidden. Did anyone get the same problem?

This sounds like a bug. Light geometry/components should be showing by default and I don’t even know where or if you might be able to change that setting. Which version of V-Ray are you using? Have you reached out to Chaos Group? At minimum, you can try to reinstall V-Ray and see if that helps.

No i didn’t
What’s even weirder is that sometimes they are made visible and sometimes they are not

Yeah. Just found now 2021, they went in hidden because of Bug.
Therefore go at toolbar, Extension then V-Ray then Tools and then Hide V-Ray Widget, just not to marking on this. And Voilaa!