Ies lighting issue in vray next for sketchup

Hi, im new to rendering with vray next in sketchup. Every time i try and insert an ies lighting file it doesn’t work. It inserts the file, but when i render no light shows up in the render. Has anyone else had a similar issue with vray next ?


IES lights are different from the lights included with V-Ray. Quick example, this is what an IES light that I just downloaded is supposed to look like from the manufacturer:

This is what it looks like when imported and rendered. Nothing there right?

This is what it looks like when I enable Intensity and bump it up to ‘50,000’. Exact number varies but needs to be bumped waaaay up.

Hi Eric,

thanks for the quick response.

I have already tried that, but still it doesn’t work.

Would you mind sending me the ies file that you have just shown me please ?

Maybe its a dodgy file, i did try a few thought with the same result.

Many thanks


Private messaged you.