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Hello! I’m currently rendering an interior office scene with the use of VRay. Attached below is both the raw file and the post processed file.

My raw file looks really fake and I tried to create a sunlight effect coming in from the windows by using a rectangular light but it seems to not be coming out well. I also placed 4 omni lights within the space to try and provide more illumination. The pic just seems burnt now.

I tried to fix it with post-processing and it does look slightly better but the sense of realism isn’t there and something is still off.

I’ve been trying to experiment with a lot of different lighting combinations and this is the best I seem to get and it’s very underwhelming according to my lecturer.

I’d really appreciate some help on how to achieve the “sunlight coming in from the window” effect and a more realistic feel to my render. Please help I’m really desperate as tutorials aren’t helping me achieve a great final product.


Attached here is the post processed version.


Hello Grace

I actually don’t think the post processed image is too bad. I wouldn’t say very underwhelming in the least. But your lecturers opinion matters more than mine.

I think that the ceiling has a lot of reflection so that could be reduced. Also the wood texture on the planters need a bit more life. The grain is unrealistically repetitive so perhaps look for a different one. Also add a small amount of reflection along with a bump and displacement map.

There are folk here that have greater experience with V-Ray than myself so I’m sure you’ll get the advice you’re looking for.

Good luck



Hello Scooter! Yes unfortunately so, I personally would want to submit it as it is but my lecturer has the final say.

For the wood texture would you suggest me using a different material or just change the bump map? And for the grain are you referring to the wood?

Thank you so much for your advice! I’ll try and make some changes now- hopefully it does justice!



I was referring to the woodgrain yes. However the the woodgrain does accentuate the panelling shape so to find a replacement that also does this without being repetitive may prove difficult. Toy around with the bump etc and take region renders to see how it progresses.

Post up your final results. I’d like to see.


Hi @Grace ,
Which version of V-ray are you using?
Your raw scene looks washed out, that’s probably because omni lights amount & intensity is so much (You barely see shadows).

[quote=“Grace, post:1, topic:40797”]
My raw file looks really fake and I tried to create a sunlight effect coming in from the windows by using a rectangular light but it seems to not be coming out well. I also placed 4 omni lights within the space to try and provide more illumination. The pic just seems burnt now.[/quote]
Why do you ‘try to create sunlight effect’, when there is simply a sun in your scene (by default)? Generally sun+ceiling lights would be more than enough. (You can add 1 omni if needed) Increase their intensity and you’ll be okay. If window area becomes so bright, try tweaking your ‘Color Mapping’ settings. Check this tutorial for a better understanding: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAY2SKETCHUP/Rendering+an+Interior+Scene

Or instead of sun, since you have lots of reflected surfaces, i highly recommend using a ‘Dome Light’ with an HDRI image. Here is more info about it: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAY2SKETCHUP/Image+Based+Lighting+with+the+Dome+Light
I also suggest slightly reducing the reflections, some places unnecessarily shiny.

Your post proccessing skills are quite good in my opinion. Second step for you would be compositing with render elements (with 16 or 32-bit images): https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAY2SKETCHUP/Introduction+to+Compositing



I’ve forgotten which version of VRay I have as it was just passed to me by a family friend but it can only function with SketchUP 2013.

Yes I had a problem with the lack of shadows but when I reduced the omni light’s intensity the front area of my scene would become really dark.

I’m still a newb so when I tried to use the sun + shadows I couldn’t get the outcome to look decent. So I followed a quick tip to use a rectangular light to fake sunlight.

Oh yes thank you I’ve checked them out previously and tried to follow the steps. I’ll try again tonight because maybe I didn’t follow it exactly when I did so before.

Thanks for all the links and advice, I appreciate it and I’ll definitely test them out! All the VRay jargon is still quite new to me so I get kinda confused with the cg tutorials haha! But I guess I have to learn the jargon one way or another instead of trying to wing it.


Bets way to learn is immerse yourself. Use any advice, tutorials and then trial and error. Every model and scene is different so will react differently to how you set your V-Ray up. Like anything, you need to put in time to learn and understand before getting theist out of it.

Thats some good advice from @filibis. Im new to V-Ray too so all this helps.

I will say that I use omni & rectangle lights just to take the edge off dark areas. Also when using rectangle lights on the outside of windows, I have set them to ‘portal lights’ so not to add to the overall illumination but helps with contact shadows inside.


Yes, I agree immersion is the best way to learn. This is the first scene I’ve had that has a double height ceiling and a loooot of windows so it hasn’t been as easy to experiment with compared to my compact indoor scenes.

I’m currently re-rendering with the edited material properties according to what you advised yesterday. It’s still not done rendering though because of the high res. I’ll try to play around with the lights again after this render finishes!

Is the portal lights option found in the VRay edit light menu? (Edit: I found it haha just never noticed it before!)


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