My first Vray render

Hello guys , i need your opinion on what should i change or what would you change and how you see this image. Is it realistic? I have used only sun as lighting. This is third time that i use vRay.

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It looks nice! You might experiment with indirect illumination (I’m not sure what term is used by V-Ray) to approximate light reflecting diffusely from one surface to another.

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Grass looks like it is full of dandelions, not sure if that was the intent, the bar on the right does not project much depth. I think the lower roofs would need crickets where they tie into the second story, not a rendering issue just a observation. Materials look good.

I dont know , something is missing. Maybe this main materials stone and wall paint look like cartoon. What could i do to improve. Im new to vray. Maybe somethinhg like this picture. I think this is also made with vray.

Add some dirt, noise or texture to the wall surface, wave (noise again) the water, don’t use 100 percent white color, and on the first render turn off or greatly reduce the interior lighting! It spoils the whole view, Lower the view - less meadow more sky.

You mean noise A or B to the surface? This texture is from the asset cosmos so i think it has some bump map

The lighting in your background image is totally different (looks almost like a night view) from the bright sunlight the model is in.

How could i balance. Im very new to vray. It is a bit complicated. Maybe in environment settings put black on 15-20 and dome light around 3-4 . I will definintly in future use HDRI

Did you use the correct scale for the wall texture?
Vray materials generally require a scale adjustment in SU - Materials/Edit - texture size panel