Thoughts on my render?

Hello guys , im new to vray and i would lile to hear from you what could i do for more realistic render.
Any thoughts or comments?

Best regards

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quick thoughts:

Would expect a bit of splash or at least ripples where the waterfall hits the pool water
Shadows for the window trim and shutters seem sort of large, like they are really setoff the house surface more than they probably are.
Roof tiles look good, as does the grass
Background treeline and sky work nicely

For this composition the backyard couch is really the center focus, and the pillows are clearly identical copies.

yeah, I would probably cut the picture like that to bring back the house in focus and remove grass. the grass looks very… rendery. I think the great prairy in the foreground isn’t helping.

mowing it might a bit :slight_smile:

I am not an expert renderer - but here are some thoughts based on my skill level and what I see in your rendering. Here are some of my recent (not very good) samples to illustrate my thoughts.

Without knowing what the goal of the rendering is it is hard to critique - are you showing the house? the landscaping / pool? Or just the general scene?

The grass is a bit thick and all tipping over, consider playing with the settings for fur to get it a to be a bit more varied, thin and possibly shorter. Also consider using a base texture that has color variation in the grass/

Consider using Skatter or the vRay equivalent to spread some weeds / taller grass through the lawn. Add some taller grass and weeds near the edges of the pavers and pool.

Experiment with the atmospheric / volumetric settings - the trees in the far background could start to soften with some haze / atmospheric perspective. Perhaps have vRay export the atmosphere render element and you can use it in Photoshop or similar to play with the background.

The sky is bland and the time of day not favorable to the setting - consider running vRay Light Gen and getting some clouds in the sky, as well as using a morning or later afternoon / evening light. This would add some color to the light and make it warm / cool depending on the clouds and the time of day.

The chairs, umbrella, entourage stuff all look fine - but they are too receptive and too the same. Consider rotating and adjusting the pillows on the pit seating, maybe even adding some smaller ones with color to add interest.

The reclining seats near the umbrella are all copy pasted at the same angle. Maybe delete 2 or three of them and position them a bit more randomly, or maybe under the umbrella. Perhaps add a small table between 2 of them under the umbrella.

The tree on the left is strange. It is blocking part of the house and taking up part of the scene. Consider adding taller trees behind the viewer - depending on the angle of the light this will cast shadows onto the grass and break up the scene a bit, and appear more ‘natural’.

The bushes / plants around the pit seat and the pool are all copy paste. You can use Skatter to rotate / scale / tip them a bit. This will add variation. You can also do this without a plugin to add variation - rotate, scale a bit, skew, etc. If you are trying to match local vegetation perhaps find something a bit more interesting. Also consider how the bushes shrubs interface with the ground. Sometimes using the sandbox tools and disrupting the ground plane around plantings, the edges of pavement / etc. can add subtle shadows and texture to the image.

The shutters on the right of the house look odd touching the pavement. They will drag on the patio - consider dropping the patio surface a bit (or raise the shutters) to create a small shadow there.

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Thanks for the tips. Will definitly play eith the settings that you said

Some things to consider:
Camera: I tend to prefer eye level, ie ±2 m. This height is somewhere in between eye level and an aerial and tends to be less effective than either of those.
Composition: Consider using ‘rule of thirds’ here. Intersection points line up with both seating area and pool fountain. You can use composition grids as either a water mark in SU or in the frame buffer in V-Ray to help.

Other small post-production edits to consider:


I made new render , im very happy with this one. I considered your thoughts. What do you think now?


Edit: sorry i started tyoing this reply to your original version - the 2nd one posted today looks better but the same theories probably apply…

What’s the render software you’re using? Hard to give advice unless we know what you’ve used to make it.
It looks like stock standard lighting and materials from Enscape or similar.
Tell us what specifically you’d like some input on, and what the purpose of the render is…

Some aspects aren’t modelled well eg shutters are not actually functional (geometry is wrong) and the ones on the ground floor are sitting right on the tiled surface.

Some the render materials are wrong - the bargeboard on the gable end is stucco, and the window frames look very rough. The two citrus trees are identical (not even rotated). The wood grain on the seats is rotated incorrectly. The grass is scaled up too large.

Possibly the camera coud be adjsuted with a low f stop to provide some focus and atmosphere…there doesnt need to be a super sharp background or lawn… focus on the house or seating.

But the main issue here isn’t the render quality…it’s the design of the house and garden. There are too many things that are just not realistic. A render can’t be convincing if the design isn’t believable.

Spend some time looking at actual houses of that style and look carefully at the overall design, as well as all the details…really research this and consider all the things that make a house liveable and practical.

Examples: Would somebody really have a seating area sunk into a lawn like that? Wouldnt it rather be connected to the pool? What about shade or shelter? Lighting? So many seats, but no dining table? Would you really plant shrubs straight into a lawn, spaced apart like that? Is that size of fountain going to make a huge noise and a lot of splashing?

Is it supposed to be a brand new house? Or a traditional one? If modelling maybe create a design “style” that captures the mood you want…this will help inform all the objects, textures,etc.
A brand new one would be designed a bit differently…eg large doors and windows, pergola, larger patio, the pool would probably have a fence around it and an automatic cover, outdoor barbeque, etc…
A traditional house would have a few extra features like a chimney, and would show some weathering (eg the roof tiles having some dirt or moss). The stucco would most likely be a lot rougher (ie stucco over stone or brick as opposed to sheet material).

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Just wanted to pitch in here

While the comments from the previous poster are very detailed and will help you get better at the craft of rendering, I just wanted to say that the last render is already much better than the one before that. You’re improving!

  • grass is better, it’s now a scattered patch instead of too-regular fur. Shows a little of the earth underneath. Nice.
  • Eye height is better
  • Materials are better, first one they were very flat, now it looks like you went and put effort into them
  • Your sky has clouds now :slight_smile:

There’s a plugin called composition guides, it works with the overlays tray as well, it will definitely help you to create a better scene, there are different settings for the guides, the classic photography compositions never fail, you can try which one fits better for your scenes.

Looks much better than the last

I’d have a look at the colour of those shutters - I suspect those are too light.

Also, have you increased the saturation, the Sky looks like it has been forced to be very blue