[Vray] My interior visualisation- how make this more realistic?


I want to show my last project and visualisation of this.
Please tell me what i shuld to do, to make this more realistic…
Materials are realistic.
LIGHT: 2x sphere light
** 2x emmissive **
** 2x omni light**
** and day light**
I send my option of vray editor- yellow marker- only this I hange, everything else is default.
and 2 of material

But visualisation dont satisisfy me…

What is wrong??

What don’t you like about it?

I think the field of view is too wide which creates too much distortion.

The wood grain direction on the table legs is wrong. It’s also wrong on the armrests and back rest on the unpainted chairs.

There’s something weird going on in the glass bowl on the table.

You could spread out the class jars on the lower shelf. Maybe put something in them so they appear to have a purpose.

I think the Field of View is a little too strong… fish eye like distortion.

The only thing that I see is that your wood grain is running the wrong direction. I like the rest of the materials. They are very crisp and clean. Are you looking for a more worn look or something?

… and @DaveR beat me on both points! And he caught the glass bowl. It looks like ti is half full of water, or something.

for this glass bowl I used vray material (vismat) maybe it was wrong …
And fruit are so plastic…When I looked at this render I dont see realistic scene…
Now i make another render and I make much more subdives on materials. I dont know how much I shuld do? I make 150-200

And my another problem is: I dont know how make realistic window view and see shadows.
I looked this on tutorials on YT but I didnt see this

Honestly, I have never used Vray, so all I can offer is my input above. For more in depth advice on setting up Vray, you might try their forum.

I understand, thanks :slight_smile:

No problem! And don’t give up on feedback here, there are several members who use Vray. You may just hear from them!

I think the rendering looks good.

We live in a world where the boundaries of realism is not as definite anymore. Therefore, what you show depends on what you WANT to show. You can take a picture of a room and actually make it to have same sort of realism with the rendering you did. (with some photoshop work of course)

With that said, the chairs and the table perhaps lacks detail. Others do not matter so much as it is more distant.

The corners are too sharp. You may need to have some bevel. or highlight/darkening at the turn. (ambient occlusion can help you on this)

The seam between two materials need to have some gap, or dark line.

and some more shadow under the table will help for its legs to find the floor.

In regards to the subdivs, it adds to your render time. And I have learned that with any computer related numbers it needs to be multiple of 4. 8,16,32,64,128…I typically don’t put anything beyond 64. (but that is just me)

Anyways, the look of the rendering all depends on your personal preference…and more so of your client’s…
So, whatever I said above is just my opinion…don’t take it as the answer…

Along with the above comments, I would suggest working on the perspective view to make it less distorted. This should de-emphasize the floor surface. which seems to have the least realistic material texture. Perhaps some work there to make the floor boards narrower and longer and decrease the obvious tiling would help. I hope you post the next version of the image after revising it so we can see the changes.

yes the original poster is wright the image is not realistic enough. And all tips are good and will help. I have been using vray also but had frustrations knowing also f.e. artlantis. Vray cost so much time to find out where is the problem and so many parameters. Look already what you posted that is a big piece of interface isn;t it? So i switched to unicorn render now, why? much more realisme when you start cause it is a physical engine. It is way faster to all change you see much faster. The natural light is good and when you adjust gamma f.e. you see right a way. there are different modes to work fast and calculate more accurate, and many materials. to do normal mapping just click auto normal and it creates the 3D map for you. really many things are very nice in it. check it out.

I believe the person moved on to something else since then :slight_smile:
Besides, we understand you were actively advertising for unicorn.

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advertising? i am a user, why you say that?

besides the camera issue…with renderings you have to be very careful using white…common mistake is white is 255,255,255 but should be close to 200 and i think you are using high values…this is why looks burn closet to the window and no much contrast between shadows and lights.

I would use LC/QMC for GI and the subdivisions are extremly high…I wouldn’t go over 24…maybve between 12/16 would be ok

if you have a day shot I would start turning off all the extra lights…only SUN and skylight ON.
if you have lights everywhere you won’t see the contrast that you need to get a more realistic look