Vray glass settings

Hello! I’m quite new to using vray, and have very limited knowledge about all the settings and how they work.

I’m using a generic vray glass-material, and I want my windows to look more realistic.

  1. I would like more reflection, feels like you see the inside too much.
  2. I would like some tree/nature reflection in the glass, but no background. I have tried, but not worked it out.

Anyone who would like to share some settings, or share a good, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to achieve this?

Reflective materials look better if your model has something for them to reflect.
The V-ray material library contains a lot of different glass materials. Have you tried different ones?

I have tried a few, this is a neutral one.
Yes I would like it to reflect something! I tried to use a hdri-file, but didn’t get it to work…

Ok, so try these two steps:

  1. For more reflection, bump up the ‘IOR’ value. Understand that if you have no ground plane or background then this will just make the interior harder to see but obviously won’t be reflecting anything.

  1. For the tree reflections…easiest way is to just add a tree background from 3D Warehouse and position it so that it’s outside of the camera view(s). Keep in mind that you can play with scale, distance and atmosphere to get the trees to show exactly how you want in the reflections.

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Thanks a lot! I ended up adding a dome light, and making it invisible so that it only affects the reflections.

That was going to be my second suggestion so glad you got to it yourself!