Exterior Glass reflections

Hi, Can someone help me with the setting for getting good reflections for a glass building. I am using Vray Next with Sketchup Pro 2020.

One of my rendering worked fine and was looking great ( using Vray material ).

I had to make some corrections to the model the next day (and not touched glass objects), then the render turns out ( glass is ) flat , no reflections.

I tried to do a trial of same material on a basic box model and the reflections are fine. Only on my actual model of the building the reflections are turning out without reflections.


The file named original was the first render which look OK to me.

After some model corrections, the render looks like Trial render, I did not change any vray settings . I am unable to get good reflections. Can someone suggest what could be done to rectify this.

post the .vrmat on a pane of glass and Ill take a look…

Hi Bifterx, Thanks for your reply. I am attaching a sample render with Vray glass material.

I am not able to get the same reflection on my building model. First time it rendered perfectly for my requirement. The same file with some model corrections and no other settings change is absolutely flat.

Your second image is considerably darker than the first. Might you have changed some setting affecting the lighting?

Not at all, i hit only render button…didnt touch anything :upside_down_face:

Hi All, i just started all over again and completed the rendering, it seems OK. But could not figure out what the issue was with my earlier model. Attaching latest render for reference.

Thanks for your replies.