Sketchup rendering problems

Greetings everyone; While rendering, a circular area does not reflect on glass surfaces depending on the angle and position of the camera, as in photo 1.This circular area does not reflect on the glass no matter where I render it. Although I played with reflection and refraction ior values, I could not solve the problem. And the glass material has thickness. I would appreciate if those who have a similar problem can help.

Can you post your model here to take a closer look?

File size is big

or a drive. google dropbox…, you can pick

I wonder if it has to do with oncorrect face orientation on the windows? There are quite a few reversed faces, actually.

Did you create this model in something other than SketchUp? I see that there are a whole lot of eges that would normally be softened but aren’t. There is also some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 9_25_2023 , 7_10_13 AM

The file contains downloaded models and models with obj extension. But I don’t know if it will cause this kind of reflections.

Your glass material is incorrect

Replace it with a standard one.

  1. You are using a glass material designed for solid glass on a sketchup object that is not solid. If you make sure all of the faces are oriented correctly and the glass group shows as “solid entity” it will also behave better

As a matter of fact, I have tried different glass materials and different glass models, but it gives the same error again. you can try removing the windows and replacing them with new ones and render it. :pray:

Personally, I try to give my V-Ray glass a thickness to avoid problems with transparent or reflective materials. See this one pane (Second from the right) where I gave the glass a thickness. Also, as @DaveR noted, be sure to ‘reverse’ any blue or back faces so that everything appears White when viewed in ‘Monochrome’ face style. If you look close, you can see the reflection of the railing. To me, since the railing is so close to the glass, seeing the reflection shouldn’t be that important of a concern.

Lastly, I tried switching the glass material from ‘Window Neutral’ to V-Ray’s ‘Glass’ and bumped up the IOR value to 4. This may make your background or HDRI environment also appear more prominent in the glass as well.

Thank you all for your contributions. I appreciate it. :heart_hands:

You can see that the glass looks strange in the preview - it looks like chrome and not glass.

The reflection IOR is set to 25. A typical value for glass is around 1.5

If you want physically correct glass -You can actually turn this off (it will use the refraction IOR to match)

The bulk of the issue is from a face being reversed on the solid object, which is why you are seeing the weird bending and refraction.
Once that is changed you can see it renders correctly (as per the 2nd image)