VRAY express installation problems

HI there
I have recently installed VRAY, the main program works fine. Then I downloaded VRAY express, and from what I can see its installed in SU but i can not access the fray materials and components. ( see attached images)
I am on a MAC
Any suggestions???

that’s in completely the wrong place…

Materials and Components should be in your User Library support folder…

/Users/johns_iMac/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2016/SketchUp/Materials

is where mine lives…


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Once again you come forward in shining armor.
Now, how do i move it to the library, or reinstall it there,

here are a couple of ways

Thanks John
I am working on it ,
Ill let you know how I fare

Hi John
Nobody in product support could figure this out until i had a guy from chaos group US get on my computer ( remotely) , he installed in 2014 library ( doesn’t make much sense to me , but he said that the fray EXPRESS was not compatible w SU 2016.
There it is
Thanks so much for your effort.
as always I appreciate you being here for me and so many other users.

Although, I don’t use Vray Express so much, I felt that Vray for SketchUp isn’t so MAC friendly.

One of the reason I have left the Mac world.

There are some more areas that may give you a bit more headache when you start to play with the Vray material editor.